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Rumor has it that the now abandoned Jekyll & Hyde Asylum is haunted. No one has entered in decades, but nearby residents have complained to authorities of unexplained sounds and moving shadows  coming from within the asylum. Back in 1961, Dr E. Revel, the dean of the asylum, was taken into custody and charged for morbidly experimenting on his patients. The aftermath was gruesome, when the authorities discovered that most of the patients had been lobotomized. You decide to break into the old asylum to see if the rumors are true; but you arrive, you immediately get more than you bargained for. The first thing you see is a woman with long black hair in front of her face and her mouth opening ajar to reveal hundreds of sharp incisors. Welcome to the most horrifying haunted house NYC. Read More >>

Jekyll & Hyde Club serves pub food and alcoholic beverages.

Plus! Enjoy continuous live entertainment and spooky special effects at the Jekyll & Hyde Club. The creatures and memorabilia come to life and interact with you while you enjoy your meal and drinks. Encounter bizarre characters such as Claw the Gargoyle, Tobias the Werewolf, Dreadmina the Vampire or a genuine Egyptian mummy. Witness the incredible re-animation of Frankenstein’s Monster or the mysterious transformation of Dr. Jekyll into the horrifying Mr. Hyde. Read More >>

  • An inmate in the asylum walks toward haunted house NYC goers.
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